Gift Wrapping Service in Reno, NV

Hi, I’m Ronnie and I’m a stay at home mom trying to earn some extra holiday cash. I’ll do professional wrapping of your gifts and even spend my time at the post office, fed ex or UPS to mail your gift packages. Please respond to this add if you need my services! Or call me at 775-622-8427

Typical fee examples are as follows:
General one time start up fee is $10 plus the following:
Very small – such as jewelry boxes – $3.00 (minimum)
Small – approx. 5x5x5″ – $4.00
Medium – approx. 8x10x5″ – $5.00
Large – approx. 20x10x10″ – $6.00
X-Large – large toys, irregular sizes – $7.00 (maximum)

For Christmas Velvet Fur Bag/$17.00

$10.00 for trip to Post Office, Fed Ex or UPS

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